Is Food grade Carrageenan safe?


It is a food ingredient that has a plenty of uses. Food grade Carrageenan is used as a vegan substitute to gelatin to set desserts retains moisture in different types cooked meats, helps mixing chocolate in chocolate milk by preventing from segregating it. It also food remains delicious and useful for a longer time. Ideally, you are consuming it on a daily basis.

Regardless of unknown name, Carrageenan, is actually derived from nature from Seaweed. Seaweed is widely known for its numerous health benefits and wellness. It is basically obtained from a specific red seaweed by gently boiling it, non-acidic soup, filtering and grinding it into a fine powder that is ideal to be used in foods.

The process is quite simple and you can easily carry out the process in your kitchen.  In fact, many families in Ireland used to do it decades ago, before they used it as an ingredient in their dishes.

It is certainly a food additive as it can be incorporated to food just like pepper and salt. You should not be worried about eating it just because it is an additive.

Is it safe?

Food grade(Carrageenan) is not found to be harmful and is absolutely safe ingredient , which plays an important role in the food industry and your favourite foods wouldn’t taste great without the ingredient.


Make sure you understand the difference between Degraded and Food graded forms so that you will come to know that food graded form is not harmful.  Some people believe that our body can transform this ingredient into poligeenan, which is completely false. Do not believe in the false information that circulates over the internet and believe in the right information.

Do not panic as a food graded form of the additive is not going to cause any harm to your health.